Our Services

For us, the priorities are transparency, customised solutions, cautious risk-taking and capital conservation measures; these considerations significantly contribute to the long-term preservation of assets. With this attitude, we can strengthen our customers’ trust even in difficult times and can also win the trust of new customers.

SmartImmo is a universal company serving both retail and corporate customers. The company’s strengths are quick decision-making, taking into account individual needs, comprehensive consulting, and serving individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises to a standard provided only to premium customers by other companies and perhaps banks.
Financial consulting
In addition to nurturing traditions, we represent the principle of modernity and innovation. We cooperate with expert financial consultants in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg.
Real Estate development
- Feasibility studies
- International valuation
- Productivity due diligence
- Asset development und Asset management
- Project preparation
Real Estate consulting
- Placement consulting
- Investment consulting
- Real estate development consulting
- Sustainability assessments
- Real estate tax and transaction consulting
- Development of restructuring strategies
- Opportunities for participation in renewable energy projects as private and large investor - Direct access to technologies - Financing opportunities for already prepared projects - Investment options with large international emission houses - Secured project process and secured technology adoption - High returns and secure capital recovery processes
Asset management
The basis of SmartImmo’s asset management philosophy is value creation based on carefully selected, quality and long-term investments aimed at the preservation and increase of personal assets. State-of-the-art schemes available in international money markets are behind the savings of SmartImmo’s customers. As a result of several months of valuation and due diligence process, it has contracts with several foreign fund management companies.
Company est. and tax struct.
As a result of the expectations met and achievements realised during our everyday work, we have up-to-date corporate law, fiscal and economic information through which we can use our services as an efficient means to our customers’ satisfaction and the optimisation of their affairs. Our offices and partners have outstanding experience in the establishment of companies, and our expertise guarantees that we serve our customers quickly and accurately..